Lisa Prior

Lead Brand Voice & Copywriter

Reading and responding to John Denver’s fan mail was Lisa’s first writing gig–if you need a copy strategy to thank someone for sending you their panties, she can do that.

Lisa applies a collaborative and dynamic approach to storytelling, creating distinctive brand voices & copywriting for a wide range of clients. She credits a highly curious mind and an unorthodox educational and career path for sharpening her native ability to create disruptive concepts.

After taking an MFA from Goldsmiths, University of London Lisa launched in to a critically successful career as a conceptual video artist where she was known for her ironic “mocumentary” videos. Despite the huge demand for conceptual video art, she created a secondary career in copywriting and journalism. She was a masthead-listed correspondent for Flash Art International, a leading contemporary art and culture magazine, and has contributed articles to numerous publications.

In 2007 she fell over backwards into comedy writing when an award-winning British producer read and championed her first pilot.

Lisa’s experience ranges from fashion, luxury & celebrity (she grew up in Aspen and knows an HNI or two), contemporary art, natural & organic products as well as institutional banking, hedge funds and IT stuff. But to be perfectly honest, she'd rather stick a fork in her eye than write another technical document, so don't ask.

Lisa was raised in Aspen, Colorado before the billionaires kicked out the millionaires. She can ski almost anything and build three kinds of snow shelter.