Naturally Lindy - New eCommerce Website & Brand Voice

Over the last year and a half, I have have had the pleasure of working with Lindy Batis-Walsh, creator of Naturally Lindy Skin Care, a cruelty-free premium skin care line.  We started with a social media campaign to seek and connect her to Brand Ambassadors to increase her online presence. With increased traffic to the website, which was eight years old, it was time for a major overhaul both creatively - images & brand voice,  and technically - SEO copy & keywords. Learn more here

Funky Feasts with Cortney & Lisa

I'm really excited to share a new collaboration with writer/producer, Cortney Matz. We met a few months ago at Epiphany Space, a coworking space in Hollywood. We found a mutual love of food together with complimentary skills might be the winning recipe for a joint venture. Et voila, Funky Feasts was born. If you have a kitchen gadget that needs a bit of showcasing, we would be delight to get to know you!

Detroit Rising

How Fab-tastic to wander into the Shinola store in Abbot Kinney. I have been following this brand for several years as they have persistently launched splendid product after splendid product, crafted in their Detroit factories. It takes a great act of vision, faith and will to re-create manufacturing jobs in America, and in Detroit in particularly. As a country, we make things well, and it is heartening to see companies like Shinola creating places where talent can find expression. Thank you Shinola for not giving up on the American Dream. 

Seriously, call him.

The Writer's Guild Foundation hosted the entire writer's room from AMC's Better Call Saul. This is the best spin-off I have ever seen; it is totally stand-alone, although Breaking Bad fans will appreciate the character development and the introduction of familiar faces. It is the most gracious and functional group of writers I have heard about. Show Co-Creator and showrunner, Peter Gould, runs a democratic shop, giving voice to each writer. He believes that a hierarchy in the room does not serve the story, and that each writer, no matter how experienced has something to offer. And look, there are three women on staff. #MakingMagic #BetterCallSaul #girlboss

Goldsmiths Reunite

My alma mater, Goldsmiths, University of London have pulled of a marketing campaign, cleverly disguised as a global reunion, with their #GoldsmithsReunite event taking place in seven cities in 7 days around the world. It was a total win-win strategy as they got a lot social media coverage, and  I got to meet up with a handful of people who were on different courses at different times. We talked about the hidden beauty of New Cross, lounging in the backfields on a sunny day and the many hot cups of tea in the refectory on the not so sunny days. We arrived strangers with a common past and left friends with common memories. Aww, I know. But in a really happy life, my time at Goldsmiths stands out as a particularly happy time. Unlike others, college was not the best years of my life. But grad school was. Creatively, it was off the hook; Goldsmiths was THE place to unpack all of my talents and experiences and explore the connections. Creatively, that year made me.


Cash in the Attic

I love those Cash in the Attic kinds of shows where people find all sorts of junk that is actually worth thousands of dollars. Well, that's not my closet; nevertheless, I was inspired this Memorial Day weekend to do a little de-cluttering and closet editing. I finally let go of a bunch of high-heeled shoes that I have not worn in over a year, including a cute pair of Marc Jacobs 3+ inch black patent leather pumps. I kept them because I liked knowing they were in the closet. Their presence confirmed the fantasy that I am that girl, the girl in the naughty but nice heels. One year in California has spoiled my feet. They like sandals and flip-flops. They told me so when I tried putting my feet into those Made In Italy bad girls.

If you are that girl and wear a size 38 you can check them out here:




I saw this little fern growing on a shingled roof of a village church in the Northumbrian countryside. 

I love ferns; they way their fiddle heads unfurl day by day creating a quiet sense of drama and anticipation.

When I spotted this one, maybe four inches high, I just wanted to cheer it on for finding a way send down a root in an unlikely place and make a go of life. 



The game of life

Road Without Name

Hang a right on the Route With No Name. 

I'm the queen of getting off the beaten path, whether it be in the form of "Gee, I wonder where this road goes," or "Superstring Theory and compatificated dimensions, what's that?" The upside is knowing a little about a lot of things, and the other upside is at some point a breadth of knowledge starts to connect everything. Oh, and the other upside is getting lost, really lost and being kind of terrified but then everything working out in the end. It's good to push the boat out, way out and get caught by the current of life.



Team Work Makes The Dream Work

When I am wearing my copywriter chapeau, I tend to spend a lot of time alone. Just me and the monitor. This is when I really appreciate that as a human, I am a pack animal and I want to find my place in a team. And I don't use that word lightly. There is a special kind of magic when all parts of a team are tapped in to group think. There is really nothing like it when a creative team falls in together for a greater possibility than any one part could achieve.

It reminded me of an 8 day canoe trip I took down the Green River in the Canyonlands of Utah a few years ago. At some point we all found our natural place in the team. When we would alight on a sandbank to make camp for the night silence would descend as we unburdened our vessels. We would fall in to an unspoken rhythm of getting canoes anchored in and tethered together, backpacks, tents, coolers, water jugs hoisted up the sandbank, kitchen set up, water boiling, tents pitched, firewood gathered and then dinner when raucous laughter would overtake the silence and take us in to the dark as we gathered around fire till slumber called. 


Herbert Bayer, the last of the Bauhicans.


In November of last year I was asked to do the production design for a short film, Roommates. The director, Fernando Ojeda-Rios wanted a Mid-Century Modern feel to the set, and being the art nerd that I am,  I decided to shoe horn in some meaningful art history that also related to the story. As the lead male is a writer I put the iconic Alexander Rodchenko poster, where the woman is yelling "Books" together with a Herbert Bayer typeface. So here's the nerdy part. For me, Mid-Century modern was informed by Russian/Soviet art movements of Suprematism and Constructivism; when the afterglow of the Bolshevik Revolution died down and Stalin started harshing on all the creative types, many of them fled to Berlin and were major influencers in the establishment of the Bauhaus School. And Herbert Bayer was considered to be the last living member of the Bauhaus until his death in the 80s. Roommates is about the end of a relationship - a failed utopia. It was a privilege to be given the opportunity to put my love of visual history to work.

Making Memories


There is a great article in the New York Times today about happiness and one of the top ways create happiness is to prioritize family and friends. To that end, I went home to visit my mother for Easter. We went to church together and that made her so happy and in turn made me happy. And I remembered how a few years back for Mother's Day, I treated us both to a weaving workshop. We were meant to make these little pouches in the 3 hour class. We never finished them, but I was aware even then that we were making memories.


Modern Copywriting

Illustration by Lisa Prior

Illustration by Lisa Prior


I love blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (sorta), and how immediate everything is, especially when I find an adept at distilling down to a clever few words. The big joke among copywriters however, is that sometimes we do need to agonize over the right 140 characters for a few days, and by then the moment has passed, at least for social media. But for me, there is no substitute for books. I love having someone spin the yarn that will keep me coming back for more each night. I will always need a Scheherazade to take in to slumber.

Tidal Greeting


I moved to Los Angeles a year ago yesterday. On my first beach visit, a year ago today, this dollar bill washed up to me and stuck to my leg. 

It has been a great first year in the City of Angels.