saturday moring in la

3rd November 2007 8am
I'm drinking a 5 dollar coffee by the pool @ The Standard on Sunset and Sweetzer. The ashtray is electric blue and sits on a zinc white table, which in turn sits on an acreage of electric blue AstroTurf. The maid, in a Pepto pink uniform, partially covered by a cheap navy blue windbreaker is vacuuming the AstroTurf. The vacuum is mostly putty colored and has an electric blue base and power cord which is plugged in to an impossibly long and infinitely kinked orange extension cord . The other worker, a man, is wearing the gas station attendant-like Standard uniform. Navy blue cotton Dickie's with a pale blue short sleeved shirt with soft navy vertical stripes. He is changing the butane canisters in the poolside heaters. In the pool are two clear pink plastic inner tubes. The water is perfectly still. The morning fog has yet to burn off and the towering palms and neighboring buildings look like awakening specters.

I don't know why but this weird combination, cheap windbreaker and all is making me really happy.