The Temp

Well, I'm temping so I thought I would use this time wisely to update my blog. Seriously. I keep asking my superiors what to do next b/c anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I am a bit of a whirling Dervish. I'm still working on the kindergarten basics of "sit still, keep your mouth shut and get your hands out of you panties." Add to that that I am a bit paranoid at times so when I am "not looking busy" I feel guilty and instead of guilt it looks like nervousness. This has its upside, though. I tend to achieve a lot, although I often head into that dark place known as burnout.

So my blog has been really lame recently. Apologies to all 8 of my regular readers. I had to resort to cutting and pasting emails from my friend Lee who provided all of the interesting content. He is much smarter-er than I. BUT! I am smart enough to get him. In fact my sitcom is based on our friendship, or was in its first version, but now with the re-write for the US version he has been written into a corner, sort of. Withall, he is my muse, which does not sound right as he is a bloke, so he is my man-muse.

I'm in full throttle on the final draft of my sitcom pilot, working title: Hotpants which means early AM wake ups (between 3-5am) to write before going to work at 8. My deadline (the deadline is for me) is 28 November which is also my birthday where I will be # years old. (My God it's come to that, I'm # years old and I don't want to tell you and I don't want to lie, although anyone who is reading this probably knows that I am # years old.) It is my present to me. And, my mentor will introducing me to "her people" in the new year. So I have to start working on my spec script right after that. I'm deadlining a beatsheet for the first of the year. Hands full.

Today was a 3AM day, which would not be too bad, except that I stayed up way late packing to go away for the weekend. I am overtired and headed for burnout which is good as I am going on a yoga retreat. This is in part to rest and relax and also to practice the many yoga, raw food, Esselen, Hoffman & etc. weekends that I will no doubt be doing when I am hired to write on big TV comedies. Just another example of what an over achiever I am, I'm practicing resting and relaxing. I plan to be a really good at this when I get that job.

And on that note