Crack 'n Go

I'm usually a pretty proactive person. I like big complex projects that I can rub my brain up against. But when it comes to filling up the tank, I'm rather passive. I usually wait 'till the orange light comes on. And that can be anywhere.

So I'm in an unfamiliar part of town. The pay-at-the pump thingy was not working (maybe this should have been clue, I dunno) so I saunter into the shop to pay for my gas, and while I am waiting I have the opportunity to look around at what's on offer. I can shop anywhere. It's what I'm good at.

As my eyes rove over the myriad selections I suddenly hook up a bunch of visual dots:

1. Pipe screens, on the left:
2. Small zip-lock baggies, in the center;
3. Razor blades, on the right.


Perhaps this establishment caters to older pipe-smoking gentlemen. The kind who like to save and organize small items such as buttons or pieces of string. Charming and endearing old men who use ivory handled Old-Skool shavers.