Intelligent Speech

I must be the last one on the block to have discovered podcasting.  I always think these things are going to be much more of a challenge than they are. iTunes makes it so easy, I just click a button. Who knew? My iPod is now replete with daily content from Radio 4. I love Radio 4.  Their tagline is "Intelligent Speech" and NO ONE YELLS on any of their shows, except I think I may have heard Graham Norton hoot once. I realize that typing in all caps is the equivalent of yelling; have I been infected? Is there an antidote? Is it chronic?Even the debates show lovely English Restraint. Voices become a bit terse. BUT NO ONE YELLS! I am living in a place where people leave the TV on Fox News practically 24/7. The "break room" where I am temping has a big flat screen TV, that is supposed to be some kind of reward or perk for us workers. The TV is alternately on Fox News or some reality court show where a lot of yelling goes on. Feels more like punishment. Even the news moderators have a disconcerting cadence to their reports that seem to tell me how to feel about the news.  Isn't that my job?

Okay, I sort of see that I am being a bit complain-y.  I will endeavor to be more positive and upbeat.  I am actually preparing a really cool blog on a vintage clothing safari that I recently went on.  With oodles of pictures.

In the meantime if you would like intelligent speech visit: