The wind does not sweep down the plain so much as blast. However I have been taking comfort in finding the little nooks and crannies that make this humble city cool, despite my strong dislike of wind and heat (which has yet to come but I am assured will be stifling). My guide is a native of OKC. We met randomly in a coffee house called The Red Cup, where there is live music every night of the week. My guide is a regular performer there. We have entered into wonderful barter: his recently deceased grandmother (no he's not giving me dead bodies) owned and operated an amazing vintage clothing store that has basically sat still for the last four or five years as her health deteriorated. I know, really sad. All those clothes and no one to wear them. Long, short, I was taken there on Saturday by my new best friend and given run of the place for about 2 or 3 hours. Not sure how long as time seemed to stand still. I filled up a large garbage bag (bin liner) of stuff, cool vintage stuff, I mean really cool vintage stuff that you can't find in thrift stores any more and have to pay over the top prices for in vintage boo-teeks, I'm talking primo goods mostly from the 30's, 4o's and 50's. Genius. But more on that later. So the exchange is a whole new wardrobe for me and a music video for him, which I will shoot and edit etc... I'm sure he has in mind to roll around on a beach with Helena Christensen. But I'm not sure she would be available on such short notice. Besides, as I mentioned earlier, or rather Rogers & Hammerstein mentioned much earlier, there are plains here. But no beaches.

Yet, if I could persuade HC to zip over to OKC and create a beach in the erstwhile Great Dustbowl I bet I could get at least another couple of bags of stuff. If anyone has a number for HC, do let me know and I'll give you a Gloria Swanson style silk peignoir!

In the meantime, I am fully ready for my close-up, Mr. deMille.