Sometimes the simplest things are beautiful. Light, reflection, imperfection, the chance meeting of these things.

I guess I'm feeling all mystical today, which is nice. When good moods arrive out of the blue, meaning there is not some sort of "occasion" to feel good, it takes me quite by surprise.  God, I want them to last, but they are like birds or blossoming trees.  They do their thing and then shove off. No matter, they'll come again.  See, I'm all mystical. Maybe it's because I just meditated and it was a good one, not one of those ones where I get to sit there watching my mind ping-pong from to-do lists, old conversations, imagined future conversations and more to-do lists. I like it when I'm like this, but somehow I feel its so soppy. Like not funny, and I feel so much pressure to be funny on my blog. Whatever. It's not like I have a huge fan base.  But the readers I do have are pretty cool: Hi Lee, Hi Lisa, Hi Karyn.