The Stockholm Syndrome

Day 235 of my captivity. Oklahoma City is my captor, and I am beginning to like being here. Somewhat. Life here is slow, I don’t have to be cool, in fact I am the coolest person I know here. But that's probably because I don't get out much. Yet, I am queen of cool. I don’t like that. There is no one to immitate or emmulate. I don’t want to get used to this, but for now it's perfect. The people are nice. I have a new job resizing photographs for a 1000 page catalogue of electronic components. Everything from speakers to little flibdob thingys. I create paths around each object delete the background and convert the images to eps files and CMYK color. If I were still in London I would have written colour. I miss London. I admit I am lonely here.

But Back to The Stockhom Syndrome. I was thinking about having a macchiato. A decaf macchiato. Has coffee become a sort of captor if I am having decaf? I wonder. I did not like coffee when I first tried it. It was bitter and made me buzzy. But now I have found decaf. And I look forward to its company. Whether I am in London or Oklahoma City I seek out Starbucks and order decaf.