Blue Rinse

Just back from Aspen where I met with what I have come to know as my Script Goddess. The new beat sheet (see previous blog for Show Biz Vocabulary that I am building, to which I can now add "Show Runner", who is the person who hires all the writers and basically, uh runs the show.) Anyhow my Script Goddess who was the "show runner" for Arrested Development has given me the green light on my new beat sheet.  It's time to start the next rewrite on this thing.  So...I think my blog will morph, temporarily to being more of a photo blog for a while as I am now engaged with The Beingness of Sitcom Writer.  But I have to crank out one more proper blog as I now have a new car (see previous blogs for the adventures of car buying in OKC) where I will show you all of the cars I do NOT have, and the car I do have.  It is not so much as a hotrod as a tepid rod. I call her Blue Rinse.