Look! That's me in the Chateau Marmont. Soon I will be there, but not as a tourist who gets chastised for taking photos on the premises.

To that end I have just finished writing the cold opening (a cold opening which I can add to my show biz vocab, means that the dialogue starts while the opening credits are running) of my sitcom rewrite. I wrote the second half of the opening scene about 3 weeks ago, but since this effort is going to be my calling card for a new career, I was agonizing over those first crucial 10 seconds of dialogue. 

My Script Goddess talked about how sitcoms require a bit of exposition by their very nature ("expo" another show biz word that still confuses me, but has something to do with showing and not telling) but she gave me a few techniques to slip them in under the radar.  Alas, a sort of meta-understanding of expo helped me write the scene backwards.

Anyhow, the opening scene is now in her hands to make sure I am not making any big conceptual mistakes from the getgo.  

Boring contract job ends today, but thankfully it has allowed me  to become cashed up for a month. So I can first-draft this rewrite while looking for my next gig with ample breathing room.