What is it you can't face?

My lovely friend Janet (see previous blog with the enthusiastic drinking fountain photo) is a source of knowledge. She is what the ad people call a connector/uber mensch.  

Anyhow, she just saved me $222.29 in car repairs by recommending me to a different mechanic for a repair on Blue Rinse (see previous blogs on BR) and they said that there was nothing wrong with BR and they also told me that the last mechanic who replaced my alternator charged me double what they should have. The assholes are called TJ's Auto Repair on Brittain Road between Walker and Broadway. Don't go there. Go to Hoover's on 37th and Portland. Mr. Hoover rocks and chews a cigar and looks like he's a movie character of himself. 
And by the way, I did not drop off the map. I just had several weeks of "unstructured time" which sounds kinda rock star, and would be if I were being unstructured anywhere in the Cyclades but I'm not, I'm in Oklahoma. And when I have too much unstructured time, it's impossible to get anything done: there are dishes not to do, beds not to make, hair not to wash. Between not doing laundry AND not folding it, I just have very little time left in which to not blog. So I'm back, sort of. I'm trying to create my own structure. As I type these words I ideally would be making quotation signs with my fingers when I type "unstructured time" except I'm typing, because when I say [hand quotes] unstructured time I mean unemployed. Which is not entirely true, it's just the work/not work ratio is a bit unbalanced.  [God it feels good to blog; I'm brimming with ideas, I feel like a loose thread waiting to be pulled, or is that the extra cup of coffee? What-ev. must be the coffee or possibly a bit of hypomania or a bit of both because I just wrote "what-ev, and I'm still doing imaginary hand quotes. Fuck. And now I have pressured speech, except it's pressured typing, which makes me think it's hypomania, but that does not entirely rule out the coffee thing. ]
Okay so back to the Janet story. 
No, Janet's gonna have to wait because I am really tired suddenly. But it's a great story and I will get at it tomorrow when I am well rested and not feeling like a BB pellet in a blender.
But here's a hint: aidieu, aidieu to yeuh and yeuh and yeuh!