I'm currently NetFlick-ing while I wait for the 2008 Fall Collection of TV Comedy to be rolled out.  This is a good thing because I have been an American in Absentia for the last 12 years (mostly) and without a television aparatus of my very own for about 4 years, but by no means tv starved. More of a TV diet as reality shows, while quite appetising in day-old  leftover cake kind of way, leave me feeling strung out and wanting to drink a lot of milk. That didn't come out right, what I mean is: the part of me that could sit down and eat a whole pie and get a big sugar rush only to crash really fast and then have to lie down in a queasy torpor with a distend belly likes reality TV. It's something I avoid. Anyhow, I am the last one to the Entourage party. And while the enthusiasm of many of my fellow countrymen and women is largely on the wane, mine is definitely on the wax. And I just love Ari Gold. I think I have an inner Ari Gold. Which is very weird, because he does not fall into the "write what you know" category, if you look at my life. 

I was just Googled "Ari Gold." Did you know that there is a gay rapper of the same name? And also a 1970's Soul-looking musician? See if you can spot the difference.