Dear Lee, Dear Lisa

2 September, 2008 - From me to Lee:

Hey There,

just listening to The Cure (The Catarpillar) at work (yes, praise the Lord (PTL) I finally have a job, writing training manuals) and thinking LEE! Oops, now it's gone: EWF & The Emotions are singing "Let's Groove," so the moment's gone. Although, on second thought I can totally see you getting down to EWF. Three tracks ago I was listening to my dirty shameful secret song that I like: Michael Jackson's Earth Song. Hate me. Just hit me now. But I like it. It's got a good beat. Lyrics are crap, I have no argument with that. What? I'm just saying...No, you fuck off! I don't even know why I bothered to email.

3 September, 2008 - From Lee to me:

Heh, i don't know what i need to add to that, you pretty much covered everything : )

funny though, as i was listening to an old cure record (faith) a few days ago. it's one i probably haven't played for maybe 15 years, because it's one of the really doomy melodramatic ones that i overplayed when i was a doomy melodramatic 19 year old, to the point where i felt like i could probably never hear it again without being overcome by a tsunami of cringing. i was wrong. it's still a really good record. it just doesn't make me want to knot flowers into my hair and go drown in a river anymore.

unlike earth song.