I blogged you...with love

i'm never sayin "heh" to you again. paul anka? f.f.s. dead to me


ffs? I don't know what this means.
I love imagining hearing you say "heh" what would it take lee, what would it take?
Paul Anka album, Rock Swings
he basically takes grunge songs and makes them into snappy little swing numbers, cf, Smells like TS, and Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun.
Sort of takes the wind out of their self-important, heroin addled sails. Kinda makes me say "heh" when I hear them.
On youtube with everything else.


f.f.s. = for fuck's sake :0

i know that paul anka record backwards  - it was playlisted in borders when i first started there, and was played on constant rotation alongside - and i'm not even shitting you - jamie cullum, alicia keyes, katie melua and david gray - for two weeks solid: tow of the worst weeks of my life. my neurons stopped firing, i couldn't pick things up.


Can I lift that line for my script, the not picking things up thing? I'm having a bit of writer's block. It's like funny has gone on a cruise to Cancun with a bunch of geriatric jews wearing orthopaedic footwear and high blood pressure med. (taking the meds, not wearing, that is)

Or at least will you keep corresponding with me so I can do this lazy blogging thing. I have no content at the moment.

ffs, I'm desperate.

PS: thanks for saying "heh" again