Untitled Sadness

That's the statue behind the ICA, in between The Mall and Pall Mall in London. It commorates the Crimean War. There are British and Cossak soldiers and a plaque that does not say "This statue sponsored by Big Corporation."
I miss London. I miss my friends. I miss the weather. I miss the culture. I miss the dry humor. I miss the public transportation. I miss the tea. I miss interacting with strangers on busses, sidewalks, I miss sidewalks. Can you imagine that sidewalks. I miss walking for that matter. I miss the intelligence. I miss people who could give a fuck about granite countertops.

I miss public places  that are actually used by the public. I miss parks that have tea rooms and walking paths and lovely gardens. 

Come on Justin, Crimea River.

Poor me. Crimea River