The Gated Community

For the last three weeks I have had the opportunity to stay in a $1.2 million dollar house in a gated enclave above Santa Fe. When asked to take this commission it was vigorously stressed that the house was in A Gated Community.

Here is what I have found I like about living in a $1,200,000 house in A Gated Community:

I can do exactly ten cartwheels from one end of the living room to the other;

The view of the desert from the roof terrace by full-moonlight is breathtaking;

The shower head that mimicks rain. It's not a spray, rather a fully temperature-controlled drip as if standing in an energetic summer rain shower.

And yes, all of this is within the confines of A Gated Community. I am not sure what the mean by "Community" as most of the homes are second homes and I have not seen any children playing in the street, just the occasional retiree taking that morning constitutional walk. It's a lonely place, and mostly I just wanna be let let out The Gate to muck about with the great unwashed masses.

I'll miss the shower, though.