Team Work Makes The Dream Work

When I am wearing my copywriter chapeau, I tend to spend a lot of time alone. Just me and the monitor. This is when I really appreciate that as a human, I am a pack animal and I want to find my place in a team. And I don't use that word lightly. There is a special kind of magic when all parts of a team are tapped in to group think. There is really nothing like it when a creative team falls in together for a greater possibility than any one part could achieve.

It reminded me of an 8 day canoe trip I took down the Green River in the Canyonlands of Utah a few years ago. At some point we all found our natural place in the team. When we would alight on a sandbank to make camp for the night silence would descend as we unburdened our vessels. We would fall in to an unspoken rhythm of getting canoes anchored in and tethered together, backpacks, tents, coolers, water jugs hoisted up the sandbank, kitchen set up, water boiling, tents pitched, firewood gathered and then dinner when raucous laughter would overtake the silence and take us in to the dark as we gathered around fire till slumber called.