Herbert Bayer, the last of the Bauhicans.


In November of last year I was asked to do the production design for a short film, Roommates. The director, Fernando Ojeda-Rios wanted a Mid-Century Modern feel to the set, and being the art nerd that I am,  I decided to shoe horn in some meaningful art history that also related to the story. As the lead male is a writer I put the iconic Alexander Rodchenko poster, where the woman is yelling "Books" together with a Herbert Bayer typeface. So here's the nerdy part. For me, Mid-Century modern was informed by Russian/Soviet art movements of Suprematism and Constructivism; when the afterglow of the Bolshevik Revolution died down and Stalin started harshing on all the creative types, many of them fled to Berlin and were major influencers in the establishment of the Bauhaus School. And Herbert Bayer was considered to be the last living member of the Bauhaus until his death in the 80s. Roommates is about the end of a relationship - a failed utopia. It was a privilege to be given the opportunity to put my love of visual history to work.