Cash in the Attic

I love those Cash in the Attic kinds of shows where people find all sorts of junk that is actually worth thousands of dollars. Well, that's not my closet; nevertheless, I was inspired this Memorial Day weekend to do a little de-cluttering and closet editing. I finally let go of a bunch of high-heeled shoes that I have not worn in over a year, including a cute pair of Marc Jacobs 3+ inch black patent leather pumps. I kept them because I liked knowing they were in the closet. Their presence confirmed the fantasy that I am that girl, the girl in the naughty but nice heels. One year in California has spoiled my feet. They like sandals and flip-flops. They told me so when I tried putting my feet into those Made In Italy bad girls.

If you are that girl and wear a size 38 you can check them out here: