Goldsmiths Reunite

My alma mater, Goldsmiths, University of London have pulled of a marketing campaign, cleverly disguised as a global reunion, with their #GoldsmithsReunite event taking place in seven cities in 7 days around the world. It was a total win-win strategy as they got a lot social media coverage, and  I got to meet up with a handful of people who were on different courses at different times. We talked about the hidden beauty of New Cross, lounging in the backfields on a sunny day and the many hot cups of tea in the refectory on the not so sunny days. We arrived strangers with a common past and left friends with common memories. Aww, I know. But in a really happy life, my time at Goldsmiths stands out as a particularly happy time. Unlike others, college was not the best years of my life. But grad school was. Creatively, it was off the hook; Goldsmiths was THE place to unpack all of my talents and experiences and explore the connections. Creatively, that year made me.